Want to be part

of the volunteers?

Crew = crewcial!

Do you want to be part of that unique community and contribute to a better world? We promise you an unforgettable experience that doesn't feel like work at all. You will be part of the total experience and we hope you will party with the teams!

Working as a crew member is possible from the age of 18. We also admit some +16 year olds. We are looking for customer-oriented, cheerful, energetic crew members with a magical smile.

Crew members receive a small volunteer fee (you can choose to give up your fee to Think Pink), a T-shirt and some drinks.

There are many different roles. Marshalls are responsible for 1 battle (so they usually have worked in a Pink Ladies Games event before) and monitors help them with the scoring and organisation.

Do you want to be part of our crew? Fill out the form below, tell us what your motivation is and most importantly... Tell your friends and have some fun together! We will contact you and if you are selected.