Pink Ladies Games


6 battles - teams of 4 to 5 ladies - no physical condition required - support a good cause - friendship for life

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Pink is an attitude

Participate in the Pink Ladies Games with a team of friends or colleagues. Even when you're alone, you can join a team. Ideal for getting to know new people. Guaranteed fun, the necessary dose of humour and friendship for life!

Participation is possible from the age of 16. The Pink Ladies Games are all about women empowerment. Who run the world?

Be inspired by a fantastic tribe of women of all sizes, ages and weights and all this for your charity.  

I'm in!  

Calender 2019

Are you and your girlfriends eager to make this year's edition blast off? Is your original, flattering outfit ready? Awesome!  

Be sure to keep your calender close to you, because these are the Pink Ladies Games events of 2019:

Curious to what awaits you? Check out the previous editions here!  

Pink Ladies Games? That is:


The teams consist of 4 ladies of all ages. You can also participate with 5 (extra power lady).  


A combination of power, teamwork, speed but also of creativity and brains!


Supporters make the difference. Bring your friend, husband, children or even your mom for more support.  


It's not the most sporty teams that win, but the teams that work best together and respond to each other's strengths.


Do you doubt your abilities? Don't worry. Your team is accompanied by our super sweet crew.


We start in the afternoon. Perfect to combine with a busy weekend program. A lot of ladies turn it into a complete day trip with shopping and restaurant in the city!


Looking for THE bachelor party? Yes, we can! Let us know and we'll honor the bride to be.


Of course, companies can also take part in team building and their CSR programmes. It doesn't always have to be running or cycling!

Pink Ladies Games events 2019

The Pink Ladies Games are getting closer and closer. This year there are already at least 5 events in 5 different cities in Belgium and at least 1 event in Dubai.  

Pink Ladies Games Belgium

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Pink Ladies Games UAE

Pink Ladies Games events Dubai 2019

The Pink Ladies Games are getting closer and closer. This year there is already at least 1 event in Dubai What's new this year? Each city has its own edition and battles. You can also use your online team page to advertise your charity. 

Pink Ladies Games Dubai

Support a charity of your choice!

Link your team with your charity and help us to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations!

Support a good cause!

The word is out! The Pink Ladies Games have always been dedicated to solidarity and women's empowerment. This year it will get an extra dimension thanks to the SDG's. Yes, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

From now on, when choosing a charity for your team, you will be able to decide which of the SDGs you support with it. You even get points for it! This makes it even clearer that the mission of Pink Ladies Games is greater than ourselves. Are the SDG's still unknown to you? Below you'll find a small anthology.  


The SDGs form the guideline for a better, sustainable future. They form a framework focused on the global challenges we all face. And the plan is ambitious: to reach every target by 2030. By joining forces and working towards a goal that is bigger than ourselves, we are actively working on our happiness. In 2015, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet. Three keys to well-being and happiness.

Go to the event page.

Unique girl power

The Pink Ladies Games: the ladies-only team competition that is causing furore throughout the country. A total experience of half a day with 6 hilarious battles and unadulterated girl power in a real top atmosphere. The goal? Connect women of all ages and cultures, inspire a more active lifestyle and support charities to achieve sustainable development goals.  

More than 1,000 teams of 5 enthusiastic ladies men have already participated in Belgium and their number is growing rapidly. If your brand is looking for this target group, you can't ignore it: experience marketing at its best with a fantastic Return on Investment.  

What's in it for you?

Tailor-made activation for every brand, both online and offline: that's what we do. Your company's marketing strategy is the crucial ingredient for a successful partnership. Discover the benefits here!





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Inge Van Belle

Meet Inge. She is the founder of te Pink Ladies Games and co-funder of Herculean cvba.

Inge is a very strong woman. Although she doesn't like cats very much, she's not a kitten to handle without gloves.

Absolutely doesn't like: waiting (and also pickles, eww!) Really adores: my family of course, but also champagne, macaroons and the sea. You can always wake her up for this at night: To go on a journey - my suitcase is always ready to go! Favourite animal: puppies Favourite quote: "Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss." For Inge the Pink Ladies Games are: Goosebumps! My heart still makes a leap when I see all those ladies of all ages and backgrounds go to extremes and connect for charity.

Yves Vekemans

Meet Yves. Yves is the co-founder of Pink Ladies Games and founder of Herculean cvba.

Yves can always be found for a party. But don't be mistaken, we turn around the well-known quote wih him: Play hard, but work harder!  

Absolutely doesn't like: slowness and lack of ownership and passion Really adores: my family, the garden, thinking & crazy parties You can always wake him up for this at night: NOT. After having three children I can enjoy a good night's sleep. Favourite animal: lion Favourite quote: “Dream. Focus. Teamwork. Network." Have a Herculean Day! For Yves the Pink Ladies Games are: I believe that we are in the age of women and I therefore very much like to see all those strong women who are grouping together to make the world a better place.

Sanne Augusteyns

Meet Sanne. Sanne is the director of operations of the Pink Ladies Games.

Sanne is a passionate sportsman who got married this year. He likes to delegate. Sanne stays calm in any situation! 

Absolutely doesn't like: gelatine on a fruit pie. Really adores: taking a ride on his racing bike & a nice cold beer afterwards. You can always wake him up for this at night: A fruit pie without gelatine. Favourite animal: cat Favourite quote: "The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory." For Sanne the Pink Ladies Games are: Like a fruit pie without gelatine.

Thomas Verbraeken

Meet Thomas. Thomas is the marketing en customer support manager of the Pink Ladies Games.

With his warm, sweet voice he conquers many hearts, with his open attitude he welcomes you like no other and with his most understanding side he likes to help anyone with a question or problem. In other words, a real team gain!

Aboslutely doesn't like: Bananas! And certainly not when they are crooked. Really adores: The Office, Het Eiland & zijn eigen collega’s. You can always wake him up for this at night: if it really bothers you: my snoring. Lievelingsdier: cheetah. Favourite quote: “Don’t forget to bring a towel.” For Thomas the Pink Ladies Games are : The world's coolest CSR project and best entertainment.

Paulien Vandersmissen

Meet Paulien. She is the community manager of the Pink Ladies Games.

You might have seen Paulien warmly welcoming teams and enthusiastically encouraging them during battles. And yes, that enthusiasm is very contagious! Moreover, she undoubtedly has the warmest smile of the whole team.  

Absolutely doesnt like: onions & people who don't laugh. Really adores: discovering the world, the sun & a nice snack and drink. Favourite animal: giraffe. You can always wake her up for this at night: pancakes. Favourite quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world." For Paulien the Pink Ladies Games are: Happiness. I am delighted to see how the ladies are blooming and can be their beautiful self. All those smiling faces, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Jari Rooman

Meet Jari. Jari is one of the referees of the Pink Ladies Games.

Not only is Jari a natural talent in snooker and complex mathematical formulas, he is also tremendously good at enjoying life. And although Jari is an 'organized' chaotic, he succeeds every year in making the best plans for our events.

Absolutely doesn't like: ice skatig and nuts. Really adores: turn me around in bed again on weekends.. Favourite animal: pinguïns. You can always wake him up for this at night: om een pint te gaan drinken & voor een vriend in nood. Favourite quote: "Falling on your face is still moving forward." ForJari the Pink Ladies Games are : The proof that women can unite for a greater purpose.

Sverre Winkelmans

Meet Sverre. Sverre is one of the referees of the Pink Ladies Games.

If you want to have a bigger chance of winning the fairplay price, there's only one thing to do: to slim down at Sverre. Whether this really works is a big question mark. However, you can always go to him for a nice, pleasant chat and that ladies, is a fact with a big exclamation mark behind.

Absolutely doesn't like: people proclaiming their self-found truth. Really adores: music, technology & travel. Favourite animal: wolf. You can always wake him up for this at night: to look at the stars. Favourite quote: "Not all those who wander are lost." For Sverre the Pink Ladies Games are: The best event for women on the planet! ;-)


Herculean can count on the support of hundreds of volunteers. Do you want to be part of that unique community and contribute to a better world?


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