Pink Ladies Games is a CSR initiative of Herculean Alliance.

The whole Herculean team with hundreds of volunteers stands behind it.

In every country, we work with local heroes.

Inge Van Belle

Meet Inge. She is the founder of Pink Ladies Games and co-founder of Herculean Alliance. Although she doesn't like cats very much, she's not a kitten to handle without gloves.

Absolutely doesn't like: waiting (and also pickles, eww!).
Really loves: my family of course, but also champagne, macaroons and the sea.
You can always wake her up for this at night: To go on a journey - my suitcase is always ready to go!
Favourite animal:
Favourite quote: "Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss."
Pink Ladies Games are: Goosebumps! My heart still makes a leap when I see all these ladies of all ages and backgrounds go to extremes and connect for charity.


Yves Vekemans

Yves is the co-founder of Pink Ladies Games and co-founder of Herculean Alliance. Yves can always be found for a party. Play hard, but work harder!  

Absolutely doesn't like: lack of ownership and passion.
Really loves: my family, the garden, thinking & crazy parties.
You can always wake him up for this at night: NOT. After having three children I can enjoy a good night's sleep.
Favourite animal: lion.
Favourite quote: “Dream. Focus. Teamwork. Network." Have a Herculean Day!

Pink Ladies Games are: I believe that we are in the age of women and I therefore very much like to see all those strong women who are grouping together to make the world a better place.


Jurgen Van Praet

Meet Jurgen. Jurgen Vanpraet was director of Think Pink in Belgium for more than 10 years and is one of the founding members of the organisation. For two years now, as manager director, he has been coordinating Think Pink Europe's activities, which involve 32 country organisations fighting breast cancer every day.

Absolutely doesn't like: slow decision-makers and persistent rainy days
Loves: our North Sea and every season, Tuscan wines and seafood
Favourite animal: birds, I'm a birder at heart
Favourite quote: desire is half the virtue

The Pink Ladies Games for Jurgen is: an incredible feeling of solidarity for a common goal that deserves all our support. This is what we have missed so much in the past year and a half.


Laura Fentz

Meet Laura.

Dislikes: People without a good sense of humour and pessimists.
Loves life immensely.
You can always wake her up at night for this: a great trip, fries from the chip shop, to let your dancing legs run free,...
Favourite animal: A wolf. What a cool creature, right?
Favourite quote: "Life is a party, you just have to hang the garlands yourself."

The Pink Ladies Games for Laura that is: it will be a first for me, but after all the stories from my colleagues, I am sure: it is an event to be proud of! All those women who show again and again what real girlpower is, I like it ALOT.


Bram Timmerman

Meet Bram. Bram has a degree in sports and has been an entrepreneur in the fitness world for years. He joined the Herculean Alliance team a year ago to pull off great projects like the Pink Ladies Games and the Hercules Trophy.

Absolutely dislikes: Waste of time Likes immensely: good food.
You can always wake him up at night for this: food....
Favourite animal: Kittens.
Favourite quote: "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

The Pink Ladies Games for Bram is: A new experience that I am looking forward to with great excitement.


Frederik Vermeylen

Meet Frederik. Frederik is one of the project managers for Herculean Alliance. Frederik is sporty with a penchant for all things mountain sports, but also not averse to a good party!

Absolutely does not like: Sitting still and doing nothing.
Loves enormously: The mountains, outdoor sports & crazy parties.
You can always wake him up for this at night:
Favourite animal: A Quokka

The Pink Ladies Games for Frederick is: Still being amazed at how much the ladies get into the game and create an atmosphere during the Pink Ladies Games, wow!


Kris Talboom aka "den Taltree"

Meet Kris. He is the co-founder of Herculean Alliance and has been competitive since childhood. Team player and loves to create a fun atmosphere.

Absolutely does not like: intrusiveness
Holds a passion for: good food
This is what you can wake her up for at night: to leave for a sunny destination.
Favourite animal: dog
Favourite quote: The body can take almost everything, it's the mind that you have to convince.

The Pink Ladies Games for Kris is: going crazy and enjoying happy people getting to know each other better to support a good cause.


Maximme Vekemans

Maximme Vekemans

Meet Maximme. She studies Social Readaptation Sciences (SRW) in Leuven and is co-director of the Herculix Foundation. Maximme is a hard worker and enjoys painting and volunteering in her free time.

Absolutely does not like: lying and mosquitoes
Loves enormously: Travelling with friends and family, hiking and fruit salad
You can always wake her up for this at night: cake (hmm!)
Favourite animal: a koala
Favourite quote: "Be lowkey and let them wonder"

The Pink Ladies Games for Maximme is: a dream come true. Through the Herculix Foundation we can make a little difference in the fight against breast cancer!


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